Saturday, July 21, 2007


So...this morning I started my day at the dog park with the pups. They ran, played ball and had a great time. :) Here's a picture of us the other day at the grassy knoll by the water.
THEN!!!! As we were heading home I got a text from Fleas saying that her and Sammy would like to go with me to Stitchworm to learn how to knit.. YEAH!! So, we showed up and every one is so nice and they sat us down at the table and this nice woman Ricky showed us how to cast on and knit. Since I already knew how to she had me just work on my own and help Sammy a bit. Fleas and Sammy had a bit of trouble at first but then they slowly picked it up.

Fleas knitting.
Ricky and Sammy.
When they got going, Ricky started to show me how to purl...yes purl. I was excited. So..she had me cast on again and knit one row and purl a row and do the stockinette pattern. We continued to knit and purl as she showed Fleas and Sammy how to purl as well. While we were there Ricky also showed me how to bind off my first knitting project. ;)

My first piece...not sure what it is but hey it's knitted. :)
Me knitting.
Then when we were done Ricky showed us what kind of yarn to get... I did better with some help. :) Then they got some needles and we headed home. I couldn't even wait to get home to start and I started to try to find the center of my yarn and made a mess in the car so I had to start to wind it in a ball. :) The following pictures if of the yarn and needles we got. The pink is Sammy's, the blue is Fleas, and the maroon is mine. They got two sets of size 8 needles, one bamboo and one metal.

Our homework for next week is to make a scarf with any pattern of knit and purl rows we want. I wanted to blog here first but I'm off to start my new practice project. :)


  1. Love Encore yarn!!! Your pups are adorable...

  2. Oh your fur babies are beautiful!
    Welcome to the knitting world!
    Your first knitted sample piece looks great!
    I like the encore colors you chose for your second project.

  3. Thank you. I'm glad to be a part of the knitting world. It's helping me get balanced right now. :)


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