Saturday, July 21, 2007

My Quilt in Progress. QIP.

In May and early June I worked on this quilt. These are a bunch of old t-shirts from when I was in high school on one and then the other is my college years. I interfaced the t-shirts and have sewn the front of both quilts together. I still have to do the border around it and the back. I also have pillow cases that I'm making to match. :) I'll show those pictures as they get finished. :)

High School Quilt

College Quilt

Just as a note. I originally wanted these to be one quilt but then realized that they wouldn't line up because it's my first one and was really hard to measure perfectly. Hence now they are two quilts. :)

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  1. Oh cool! I've been wanting to make a quilt from all the t-shirts I have from the camp I've gone to since I was a kid (I go, now, as a counselor). I have so many t-shirts from camp that I could never get rid of. But most of them are just sitting in boxes right now.


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