Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I'm super busy with getting my classroom ready and packing up the house that I haven't knit more than 20 minutes in the last two days. I miss it but just don't seem to have time to just sit right now... Hopefully the weekend will bring a break or not who knows.

I found out about a contest on Golden Purl's site you should head over and check it out. I love all these contests and will have to have one when my blog turns 6 months. :) Right now we are almost at the month mark. Crazy to think I've been knitting and blogging about it for almost a month. :) If I had time right now I'd say I'd have a one month blog contest but that's just not going to happen. ;)

Keep knittin.

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  1. Time flys doesn't it? And thanks for the link!


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