Monday, August 13, 2007

Mandy's Candy Bag.

I've been looking at the pattern for Mandy's Candy Bag and wanting to knit it but wasn't sure who I wanted to knit it for. She's also doing a contest that ends soon so go check it out.

So...I'm working on my classroom at work and chatting with my fellow teachers every once in a while when they stop by and I realized it would be a GREAT back to school present for them. I don't know if I can make 8 before Monday but I guess I can at least try to make them by the end of the next week. :) I need to get some size 6 dpns because I only have 7s and I made the cell phone case for Flower Girl on 7s and it was bigger than it was supposed to be. I improvised and it came out ok but I'd like to get some size 6s. I have to wait until Pay Day though. :) I've spent my knitting budget for this one. :) So...I'm probably going to start them on Wed. This along with packing up my house and maybe moving this weekend is going to be interesting. I'm not promising anything but I'm hoping to at least get one done. :)

Oh and I finished both the beer cozi and cell phone case for Flower Girl and yes forgot to take a pictures. I took some quickly on my way to her party on my cellphone but haven't gotten them here yet. :) I'll work on that. They came out pretty good. For my first time using dpn I was impressed how fun it was to watch it go round. :)

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