Saturday, August 18, 2007

FO, Stitch 'n Pitch

The first Mandy's Candy bag is done. It was a fun knit. I didn't make it too long and I kind of messed up a bit with the bottom but it looks great and when I finished it I thought maybe it's a bit too big to make a bunch before next Friday. Sammy said she'd want this one . So I told her after I take a pic to put up here I'd fill it with Candy and give it to her on the first day of school. She's going into 6th grade and will have both my sister/her mom and I as teachers. :)We went to the Stitch 'n Pitch tonight and it was a lot of fun. I didn't take my camera because it's huge and I already had enough to carry. Fleas and I only sat for a little bit with all the stitcher. We had only gotten 4 tickets to the actual Stitch 'n Pitch and my sister CZbrats who's husband works at Tropicana had gotten the other 3 so we really didn't have enough room to sit with all of them. It was nice seeing those I knew from Needles and Knobs.

This is all the loot I got from the game. While at the game I worked on my second Candy Bag. I think it's coming along well. I modified the pattern so it will be smaller so I can try to make more of them before the end of our first week back. I guess I'm shooting for a great job at our first week present. :) "WE SURVIVED" I hope at least we survive this coming week.

Sammy and I also both bought this cute little bag from The Circular Solution in Lakeland, FL who were there. It's a small bag to keep a small project in. We both got the pick Breast Cancer one too. I think they are just so cute and I already put the Candy Bag that I'm working on in it.
Well, I'm off to bed. It's getting late and I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow. I was to finish this candy bag and hopefully get a bit into another one. I also want to try to put a coat of primer on the kitchen cabinets at the new place. Lots to do and only 24 hrs in a day. :) Have a great night.

Happy Knitting.


  1. I think it looks fantastic! Thanks for knitting it up (and of course you're in the gallery now!)

  2. Oh that looks so nice! I have to knit one of these! I think it's nice that they have knitting bags to help towards the cure, Heaven knows, we need it fast! Good luck with the hard work ahead of you!

  3. your candy bags are cute. and the project bag? are they available to purchase online?

  4. What a cute project! I think I am going to make some for my favorite halloween trick or treaters!
    Your knitting is looking very good!
    Very cute knitting bag too!

  5. You are doing such a great job knitting. The bag is adorable and isn't Amanda clever to create such a fun pattern. Love you pictures too.

  6. I am a farely new knitter myself and I must say your candy bag looks awesome! I have only been working on scarves. Was this a hard project? I read one of the comments on here about if your bags are for sale and you should really think about that! I can't wait to view more of your projects. By the way, your dogs are very cute!


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