Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wedding Wednesday

This week is a little bit about our wedding and a little bit about our future marriage. And yes, I do think they are different yet connected. :) wise we are still figuring out how many people to invite. We are stuck at somewhere between 150 and 200. Our original guest list was 200 but last night Special K mentioned he only wants us to mail out 150. The only response to that I had at that time was "who are we going to cut?" I don't want to cut anyone but I know that I'm being unreasonable if I think that. So....I'll have to look at the list and make some people part of a list B so if we don't get RSVPs we can add some more. I think that is a compromise.

Another wedding related item I'm working on is figuring out what yarn and color I want to make my wedding shawl. I've already decided that I'm making the Summer Shawlette now I need to figure out what yarn I want. My wedding dress is diamond white so off white or cream I don't think would work. I'd love to make it out of malabrigo but I don't know what color. My friend recommended cashmere but I've never worked with it either so trying to figure out which brand to use. Recommendations would be great here. :)

We have also been discussing our plans for after we are married. With all this health care talk we are researching how much it would be to put me on his health care plan. How much would his company cover for me and if his plan is better than mine. My company does not cover too much but does cover some but we have a HORRIBLE plan. Most the teachers at my school have husbands who are the bread winners and who they get their health care from. The rest of us take what we can get and we choose the plan that won't cost us the most. Which in turns means a huge deductible and horrible coverage. So...hopefully Special K's plan is better and I can get on his. We'll see.

The second thing we discussed was bank accounts. We already decided we will have a joint bank account but now it's deciding whose bank we are going to have this account in. Naturally he wants his bank and I want my credit union. I think our compromise here might be getting one from a completely separate bank. Any suggestions on banks would be great. We are going to set up a savings account soon for our wedding savings.

Ok...hope everyone is having a great week. It was so nice taking Monday off and spending most of it with Special K.

I'm excited about tonights SnB too!! I am almost done with my first Monkey sock so that is exciting!! I just need to graft the toe and cast on for the second one. I'll take a picture and share it with you when it's done.

Happy Knitting


  1. I can offer advise on the yarn- I love malabrigo. I have 2 skeins of the lace weight (I haven't knit with them yet though)- but I've heard its heavenly- Its a little thicker than some of the other lace weights I've seen, which is appealing to me!

    Banks- I have an account at a Credit Union as well (Teacher's Federal)- and Mark's at Wells Fargo. Since we'll be moving, we went with a joint account at Wells Fargo- since there will be locations where-ever we move. In your case though, I would go with whatever is the easiest. The Credit Union was a little "beauracratic" about setting up another account for us. Joint accounts are great- just make sure that you talk about what % you are each putting in toward those expenses. We do a 60-40 split.

  2. As for the bank, go for whichever one has the best deal (i.e. no fees, higher interest, etc)... and if that doesn't help, choose a new one altogether!

  3. I think the Malabrigo would be nice, but maybe do it in a champagne color or White, If you can match it to your dress.

    Banks- I would keep a credit union for a joint account, you get better interest rates on loans and you can get loans easier if you are a member of a credit union. Also personally I would also keep my own account as well as a joint account. I think that every woman should have her own mad money, that is one thing my mom always told me...I would personally keep my own account, have a joint savings for things you want to save up for together and then have a joint account for household expenses and then he can have his own account still on the side as well, then he doesnt have to leave his bank.

  4. For the health insurance, you should do what you can to get the best deal and best care. I was on my husband's insurance for ages until I got a better deal through my work.

    About banks -- when we first got married I closed all of my accounts and folded everything into his. We never thought about the possibility that he could move things into mine or open new accounts in a third place. But the small things bugged me, like I couldn't do my Christmas shopping in October without him seeing the credit card receipts. Now we have separate sets of accounts and share the household expenses. I no longer have to live with the fear that he might pass out in March after all the yarn purchases come in from Stitches West. :-)

    Do what works for you. Good luck!

  5. Whatever yarn you wind up chosing I am sure it will be pretty.

    Banks - go with the one with the best deal (and look at it not just for checking/savings I agree in part with Nichole..look at the big picture. And If one bank winds up being the best deal for let's say checking... then start a savings account at your credit union or other bank for things like vacations, christmas, big purchases, rainy day, etc. No harm in having money in 2 separate banks. As far as joint or separate.. It think it depends on what you agree is best. There are things to think about: what if one of you gets sick - the other has to pay the bills, loss of job...etc. Again, think of the bigger pictures.

    150-200. Toughie. Having not gone through the experience myself... I would not know how to answer it. I think I heard that if you do a crowd of 200 or more..its more cost affective to do the after "dinner" buffet style.

  6. What about doing the shawlette in whatever color you choose for your bridesmaids or pick a color from your bouquet?

    I love working with malabrigo.

  7. Hello!
    As far as banks go, my fiance and I were in the same boat. We had started a savings account with ING a while ago, but it didn't get much attention. Now that we are officially engaged, we decided it was time to take it seriously. We did a bit of research and found that etrade has the beast rates for online savings and for CDs (and I found it was better than my credit union or his sstandard bank rates). We opened both a savings and a CD. The short term CDs (3 months) are a great way to get a little extra cash for the wedding. Pop me a note if you have any questions!


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