Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dogs on Thursday!

Just a quick Dogs on Thursday post with pictures and video. :)

This is a picture to show you that my dogs live in luxury. They take over the bed and make themselves as comfortable as possible. :) doesn't even matter if we are in the bed. :)
This is an old video I found on my phone of the dogs playing together. Rico is my old landlord's dog. We were dog sitting and he sat on the bed and watched the show. :)

This next one is Abigail swimming with her new friend Buddy, a golded/lab mix who is not neuter yet, at our friend's house. Abigail quickly put this 1 yr old pup in his place and made sure he stayed away from her butt and then she swam. It was so funny to see the two get along. He would come up to her and she would bare her teeth and bark and he would run off just to come back. They played again last night and she has stopped barring her teeth and now trusts that he will not try to mount her. :) (Jackjack has not met him and won't until Buddy is neutered because Jackjack picks on entact dogs.)

And last but not least...Abby playing with her daddy while he is playing Guitar Hero. She loves him. :)

Hope you enjoyed my montage of pictures and videos.

Happy Dogs on Thursday!!


  1. Wow! That looks like SpecialK's room when he lived at home.
    Some things change but somehow stay the same. Now YOU get to deal with the mess LOL

    The shawl is amazing. are you.

    Happy Fourth of July

  2. Oh I loved the pics and videos!
    The dogs are having a great summer!

    P.S. I love your shawl!
    Very beautiful.

  3. The floor is too hard to lay on. Plus the bed has pillows. My precious has her own couch! She is too old to jump onto the bed any more.

    Thanks for sharing your cute doggie pix.

  4. Awww - Abby is a Guitar Hero groupie! LOL :)

  5. They are a hoot. That was fun! Have a happy 4th!

  6. What great swimmers. That pool looks refreshing.
    I'm lucky, Ginger doesn't like to jump on our bed. The cats are another story.

  7. Great video!

    I really love Dogs on Thursdays!

    Are you coming on Sunday to the knitting meet up? I think it is at Mary Heathers house.

  8. We loose our bed all the time too... like you said, even if we're IN it!

  9. Arf, arf...have a happy 4th. Hope you stay dry!

  10. Well where else is a pup supposed to lay? Certainly not on the cold hard floor...
    Cute pics and glad Abigail got the boy straightened out too.

  11. I would love to enter the stitch and pitch contest. Living in Japan I have not had the opportunity to attend one. This summer I am knitting the Birthday Cables vest for my husband, my second Clapotis ( I admire you for not correcting that woman's pronunciation at the stitch and pitch) and of course socks


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