Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dogs on Thursday and an update!

I've been kind of quiet this week but loads have been going on...I'm not even sure where to start. I guess we will start with Jackjack since it's DOT day!
I think I might have mentioned this before but Jackjack has pins in his left elbow because he was hit by a car two years ago last month. We had to have surgery and about 4 months of recovery and after we were done with that he developed arthritis in his back legs. Well...let's just say the poor guy has been through a lot but the last year and a half he's been doing great. He only really got sore after a long swim or too much time at the dog park....but the last two weeks he's been getting sore a lot more and not putting weight down on his leg much. We went on a short walk the other day and he got home and was not able to walk well. I'm not really sure what's going on and my biggest hope is that it's muscles and not his elbow!! I just don't know if I can go through another surgery but if we have to I will. ugh!! Let's not even think about it. Well...we have our annual apt on saturday for them and I'm going to talk to the vet about what we can do and what he thinks is going on. I'll let you know what happens. Jackjack just doesn't realize he's got a bad leg and that he can't jump around and do what Abby does. Please send some good energies ang thoughts for Jackjack... He needs it right now.

Well...enough about that for now. I'll keep you posted. This past weekend I spent babysitting so I really didn't have much time to post but I did finish a project and will have pictures up this week. I'm going to block it and then I'll post them!! It looks great though! I also cast on for another sweater for my sister fleas. I'll take pictures when I have more done for that.

I also recorded a podcast last night so if you get a chance listen! I had fun recording it. my peronal health challenge has been to put down my needles and work out!! I've been trying but not enough motivation so this week I decided to join a gym. I joined on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning I went to the 6am spin(cycle) class!! It was great. I feel if I'm paying for the gym membership then I BETTER go!! :) I also made it this morning to another 6am class but wasn't as fond of it as I was I probably will just skip it. Tomorrow's spin class is full so I might just go and get on the treadmill but we'll see. This all was inspired by a trip short shopping!! It was not good. I am not going up a size so I just have to get back in shape. My toe is no longer the excuse so I've got to do something. I'm hoping to at least get to the gym 4 times a week and maybe more. I'll let you know how it goes.

Another thing is that I've been spending time over at and adding stuff so you might want to go over and check it out! I'm going to be adding more and more in the next couple weeks. I'm kind of just playing around so things may come and go on there. :)

Don't forget to check out the DOT post because Paula put up some great resources for hurricane information and doggie rescues. We are hoping not to have a hurricane head our way but Ike seems to be wanting too. We'll see.

Happy Knitting!!


  1. I hope Jackjack gets better without anything major needing to be done. Hopefully the vet will be able to find a non surgical solution. I'm off to listen to the new podcast!

  2. Speedy get well wishes for Jackjack! He is soooo adorable and hopefully there will be no surgery required. Good luck with the exercise...I've started walking with friends in the mornings but need to pump it up. Maybe I'll try a spin class if you really like it??

  3. It could be that the area around the pins is infected.

    I know it's horribly expensive, but drag his furry self into the vet and have them check it out. It will be less hassle and heartbreak than if he has to lose a limb over some antibiotics.

    Good luck!

  4. Good for you on the gym!

    Best wishes for Jackjack too. I know how stressful it is to have a pet that is ailing and you're not sure why. Keep us posted!

  5. Go to Zumba with Tiffany (mon and thurs night) or i think Luz ( on sat morn) Its a really fun way to get your work out in! I miss it already!

  6. Sending good vibes to Jackjack!! Poor baby :) He's so cute but looks sad in the photo.
    Hope your new health plans work out for you.

  7. Poor Jackjack, we will pray for him and the hurricanes don't come to the coasts.

    good luck on the gym!
    I am thinking of getting a treadmill too because outside of physical therapy pool I can't seem to make it to the gym.

  8. I hope JackJack is okay. It's never easy when our babies hurt.

    I hear ya on getting back into shape. I've hired a personal trainer and have been working out with him for a month. If I could get my food intake under control, I might actually see progress! g

  9. Oh no! I am very sorry to about Jackjack and hope it's nothing serious. Mucho love and good thoughts your way.

    My PHC has so gone off the skids. And that's about all I can say. Ihaven't gained, but I h aven't lost either. I'm glad you like the gym and i know you can keep it up :)


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