Monday, September 22, 2008

Another package and some Handspun!

So, I got home today to another package!! This is great!! Considering all the negativity going on in my life right now...all these packages are coming at the best time possible! This package was quite ironic because yesterday I had called Sheryl to have her read her book to me to help me cast on 2 at a time and guess what came in the mail today!!


Two awesome books from Amazon sent by Alicia from Ponyknit. One being 2 at a time socks by Melissa Morgan Oaks, which I was calling Sheryl about yesterday and the other my first official Elizabeth Zimmerman book, Knitting without Tears. I think I can officially call myself a knitter now that I own one of her books. :) Thank you Ponyknit for your great package! It put a huge smile on my face and made me laugh!!

After I took pictures and ran over to the computer to send her a thank you. I cooked myself some spaghetti and fed the dogs. After I ate, I dove into the lovely BFL roving that I got last week from Nancy. I started spinning a single and the fiber is lovely. It's my first BFL or Blue-faced Leicester(a type of sheep for those non fiber people) and I really enjoyed spinning it. I am not sure what the method I'm using is but I pre-drafted it and was just adding twist during spinning. It's coming out lovely. Check it out!! If it wasn't so dark out I'd take a picture outside but this is all I got. :)


Well...I'm off to let the dogs out again, change the laundry, get ready for bed, and do some knitting. I was going to dye some fiber tonight but it's raining and I like to mix my dyes outside so I figured I'd have to wait. I think I might take a personal day on Friday so I might do that then.

Happy Spinning!!



  1. I have that book :-) :-)...I just use it for the patterns though because I dont like knitting on circulars :-)

  2. I am not brave enough for two at a time just yet. Someday I sure hope to figure it out though.
    That roving is spinning up so nice. Can't wait to see a photo when you're finished.

    *thanks for the info on your Clapotis...I might just yell when I get up the courage to cast on mine*

  3. YAY! I'm so glad your enjoying it. Good timing! Glad to make you smile. I also just bought my first Zimmerman. It's a must!

  4. don't cha just love knitting with tears? I do.. :)

  5. Let me know how that Okas book is. I would love to do 2 at a time, but I have read mixed reviews on that book.
    Congrats on the packages.


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