Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thankful Tuesday!

So...we'll start off with a pic of the view from our balcony the morning after my wedding. Special K's father got us a room on the beach and it was very nice. We got back from the wedding and were so tired and hungry. We ordered food and went to sleep. :) The next morning I was up bright and early and SK was not so I hung out on our balcony watching the beautiful view.

That's the continuing of wedding pictures. I'm trying to get the pictures from our rehearsal dinner and more from the wedding. I just haven't had time to get them all. We still need to do all our thank you cards!!! :)

Ok...so now for Thankful Tuesdays!! Today's big star is Jackjack....My boy! He surprised me this morning on our walk and I am forever grateful for all the training that we have done. I also need to say a big THANK YOU to my friend Kelly, who taught me how to get him to listen to me. We had our tough times but he is getting it I think!!

Jackjack's new bed

Ok...so here's a short version of the story.

A little background on Jackjack but he used to run away any chance he got. He would shut down and run. He hasn't had an ounce of freedom outside in two years since his accident and he tends to get excited and barks at other dogs when he's on a leash.... both I may have mentioned before. So...this morning on our walk I saw a lady with a toddler in her stroller and an old boxer. We are walking along and I get into the grass so she can pass and I have both dogs next to me. Well...Jackjack starts to stare so I grab his collar to restrain him and I hear a click...and I see Jackjack zoom over to the poor lady and her dog. He barks and jumps at her dog as she holds her dog and then Jackjack was done...I call him and he looks around and looks at me and calmly walks over to me!!! HE WALKS OVER TO ME!!!

This is huge!! When I first got him...he barely looked at me outside and he actually came over to me!! It's huge!! All our training has paid off. I felt bad for the woman but she was ok after it happened because Jackjack wasn't trying to hurt her dog...just bark at him. I'm so proud of my boy and after the lady walked away I praised him and he was like cool..let's walk. :) So. we walked home and I swear all the way home he knew he had done something right because he was walking calmly and proud.

Hope you like this story. I am thankful that we have been working hard on training and that he decided that he wanted to be with me more than run.

PS...the picture of Jackjack is at our new house with his new bed that my cousin Lisa gave us. He loves it!! The armadillo is from Kelly.


  1. Hooray for JackJack.

    And wow what a view. Very nice.

  2. Good for him! Give him some doggy rubs for me. :)

    Your view was amazing, btw!

  3. Beautiful view, and I'm *SO* proud of Jackjack. Tell him he's lucky to have such a devoted, patient owner too!

  4. That is a good story. Three stars for Jackjack. I know you are one proud and happy mama :)

  5. Congratulations on your wedding! and Congratulations to your boy! What a great story!

  6. Hooray for JackJack - what a good boy. It's nice when they do what they are suppose to. Love up on him and give lots of praise for me.

    Congrats on the wedding. The view was lovely.

    And as for the new bed, isn't it funny that the bigger the bed, the smaller the dog tends to lay? g


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