Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend flashback!

This weekend flew by!!  Friday night, we rested after a busy week and we knew the weekend would be busy.  Special K went to work early Saturday morning, I slept in and spent the morning cleaning.  Our house was in desperate need of some real cleaning time.  Special K got home while I was cleaning and helped me a little, then took a shower and off we went.  Special K's sister and nephew came to town Saturday afternoon, so this was the reason we did so much.  We met up with them and went swimming in the clouds and rain most the afternoon.  I put my legs in the jacuzzi but stayed out of it in general.  We then spent the evening eating dinner and playing Wii.  It was a fun day!!

Sunday I let SK sleep in while I fed and let the dogs out and got the coffee ready for him.  I had a small cup of coffee because I was tired and I knew it would be a long day.  This day we were all off to Busch Gardens!!  I haven't been to Busch Gardens in a long time but I had a blast.  Yes, I know I'm pregnant and didn't get to ride any real rides but the carousel, but I did have fun hanging out and people watching.  Oh boy is people watching fun, especially when you pull out your knitting, and you are knitting on 5 double pointed needles.  It's so funny the different facial expressions you get.  Here is my knitting when I first pulled it out at the beginning of the day while they were on a water ride.
KIPing at Busch Gardens
People watching is very entertaining in most theme parks.  So many people have different styles of dressing themselves and you hear lots of different languages.  The day was hot but got cloudy here and there and eventually started raining.  I think overall everyone had a great time!  I'm really glad I joined them even though I couldn't ride the was good to have someone watch the bags.
Riding the Carousel! :)
 One of my favorite parts was when we were in the Gorilla exhibit.  Gorilla's are so fascinating and we got to see feeding time.  They throw food out there and the gorilla's go and find it and eat. 

They are just so huge!  The size of the forearms and legs are incredible.  The biggest one was amazing!

After getting back from Busch Gardens, Special K took a shower because he was soaked from the rides.  Then we headed back to have dinner and play more Wii!  :)  All in all it was a great weekend but I feel I could use a weekend from my weekend. :)

Even though we were busy this weekend, I did manage to squeeze in about 20 minutes of spinning on Sat and about 10 on Sunday for my summer tour goal.  Not sure I mentioned what my Summer Tour goal is.  The Summer Tour is something that Meghan from Stitch It Podcast set up and you are supposed to set a goal from Aug. 1st to Aug 28th.  My goal was to spin at least 10 minutes a day or do something spinning related every day for the 28 days.  I had started this before the tour and I'm keeping strong!  I am really enjoying my time with my spinning wheel and I think making good progress!

Well, hope you have a great Monday!!  Happy Knitting, Spinning, and Theme Parking!


  1. You look so cute! Sad you couldn't ride, but at least you could knit!

  2. what a fun weekend - but you are so right - you do need a weekend to recover! g

  3. Neat weekend.

    And it looks like you are recycling, we knitters were doing that waaay before it was cool! I have a feeling that you will just have a better feeling about whatever you knit from the now defunct item. I like that color, it looks like fog on my monitor...



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