Sunday, November 13, 2011

Baby in way to spend an afternoon.

It's been a long day with a little girl who's nose hasn't stopped running since she woke up and who avoided naps most the day.  After taking a short drive to get her to sleep, she only slept for an hour in her crib and then spent the rest of her 3 hour nap like this.
I spent the majority of my maternity leave with her sleeping in my arms but since she's gotten older she rarely sleeps in my arms.  She's also not much of a cuddler...mostly because she is always on the I knew she wasn't feeling good when she let me cuddle her a lot this weekend.  I savored every moment and cuddle.

It worked out great because it happened to be Harry Potter weekend on Family Channel.  What is so funny is that the weekend we brought her home last year it was also HP weekend and what I can remember of that weekend and the week to follow was nursing my newborn while watching lots and lots of Harry Potter.  It was something that I had already seen plenty so I knew I could miss things and still be able to just enjoy the movie.  I also would record them and watch them throughout the weeks to follow.   Harry Potter will always remind me of those first weeks with my baby girl.

I hope she feels better soon because I can't stand to see her feeling this way.  She's managed to sleep tonight but not soundly.  Hoping she stays asleep long enough for me to get some too.  Speaking of to bed I go!

Happy Sunday

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