Friday, November 25, 2011

Rockin and Rollin...

After getting to sleep in this morning, we had a great day off!  It started with a trip to see our friend Jackie at the store she owns with her hubby Todd called Furnish Me Vintage.  It's a Mid Century Modern and Danish Furniture store.  CGR found her favorite thing in the store!  It's a rocking chair, which she loves rocking chairs which is surprising because she does not like swings.
Here is a video of her rocking at the Saturday Morning Market a couple weeks ago.  When we took this video, I had never seen her do that before.
After our visit, we stopped by the park with our cousins and aunties for some fun play time!  This was the first of many trips to the park this weekend!

After the park, we stopped back at my sister's house for some we are having fun with a box.

Happy Non shopping day for us!

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