Monday, January 23, 2012

NRaWin2012: Mini Veggie/Bacon Frittatas

This past week's new recipe is a couple days late.  We have been doing them on Thursday nights but last week was just too busy and by Thursday night we hadn't made any decisions and we were both just tired.  We had plans for doing it over the weekend but in the end, I jumped on helping my sister make breakfast for her family, CGR and I and I got my new recipe in. :)

Sunday morning, my sister G invited us over for breakfast..mainly so they could hang out with Carmen but that's ok.  :)  We showed up and she was prepping breakfast and when I found out she was trying a new recipe I jumped in and helped and figured it would count still.  My niece had found this recipe on and they were trying it.

Recipe: Mini Veggie/Bacon Frittatas

She started by putting the bacon in the oven to cook.  Then she cut up about 2/3rds of a Green Pepper, Red Pepper, and a sweet onion.  We realized later we could have used a bit less veggies.  And what's great is that you really can use any type of veggies because it's pretty much veggies, meat, and eggs. :)  In a bowl, I mixed up 10 eggs(even though the recipe said to use some egg whites we didn't).  Then you add the cut up veggies and chop up the bacon and put that in too.  Then we put this into muffin tins and baked it for about 20 mins on 350 degrees....and tada a yummy fast breakfast!  Carmen couldn't have it because the eggs but she enjoyed some bacon, fruit, and some toast with jam.

I'd like to try this again for Special K and add some sausage and maybe do some that are spinach and feta.  It would be fun to try out different recipes but since it was so easy I can imagine we will be doing it again.

This Thursday I have a meet up of mommies from my mommy and me group to go to.  They want to learn to knit and so I am going to try to teach them...already enlisted a friend since I am pretty sure that I can't teach 10 people to knit at once. :)  So...I'll be trying to do the recipe another night but I think it won't be until either Friday or Saturday.  I have an idea of what I want to do but Special K sometimes has his own ideas. :)

Happy Cooking!!!

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