Friday, January 13, 2012

Review: pediped Originals

pediped is coming out with a new version of their  pediped® Originals® line this Spring 2012.  I was sent a pair of these from the company to review and as soon as I got them in the mail I was SO excited! We bought a pair of their previous version and while I love them, they often make her slip while wearing them inside our house. We have tile and with two big dogs the floor is very hard to keep hair and dust free. This new version is awesome! The bottom has a texture to it that causes it to be more slip resistant and still is pliable soft and made from natural leather like the previous ones.
worn, I mean gently loved shoes.
As soon as we put them on her, she went running off through the house and didn't slip once like she has with the other ones.  Over the course of the last 2 weeks, we have repeatedly reached for these to put on her.  They are easy to put on and she seems to be very comfortable in them.  Even our daycare provider mentioned how great these shoes were the first day she showed up with them on.  I feel great putting them on her because they are so close to being barefoot, which is great for learning to walk and now run. I'm very glad I got to try these out! I am certain there are more pairs of these in our future.

What's new with the pediped® Originals® line?
- The Spring/Summer 2012 pediped® Originals® feature a more slip resistant sole.
- The sole is all natural leather, just like before!

Because I can't resist a reason to record my girl running around like a crazy girl, here is some video of just a couple of her adventures in these shoes!  Hope you enjoy seeing some of her little dance moves!

Thank you again pediped for sending us a pair of these for review and thank you to my little girl for being so cute and putting up with her momma.

Happy Walking...and Running!!

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