Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Baby bump: 17 week update

Week: 17 weeks and 1 day! I'm not getting these out weekly but mainly because I don't feel much change week to week.  I think that will change as after starting to write this I realized I had a lot to stay. :)
Weight gain: 10ish lbs
Baby's sex: I have my guess but our ultrasound is scheduled for November 16th!!  Hopefully this baby cooperates!
Sleep: Oh how I have missed uninterrupted sleep!  I've been having a tough time with this lately.  For about a week I was waking up at 3 am every night and my body just felt like that was wake up time!  I would be up for an hour or so and then finally get to sleep but 6 am comes fast!  I tried melatonin and didn't really like how it made me feel and didn't seem to work that well.  Then I got a couple nights rest and that helped but this weekend I had a tough time.  I bought some Tylenol pm on recommendation from my doctor.  I tried one last night and it seemed to help some but still woke up a couple times throughout the night feeling uncomfortable.  It's too early for this!!
Movements: I've been feeling the baby for the last 2 weeks.  This week the movements are much more noticeable throughout the day.  It's nice to get to feel the baby in there.  I can feel some of the movements from the outside but not enough for Special K or Carmen! I am so excited for Carmen to feel them!
Maternity Clothes:  I had been wearing black comfy workout pants for the last couple weeks to work because my jeans are just so uncomfortable to sit in all day. I've only started wearing some of my maternity tops but most of my regular tops I can pull off with a long tank top underneath.  My mother in law sent me a big box of maternity clothes from my SIL's friend, which is so awesome!  Tons of cute tops, capris, shorts, workout shorts and more!  No jeans though and my old maternity ones are HUGE since I'm much thinner this pregnancy even though my belly is already bigger.  My SIL sent along a belly belt in the package and it has been great today since with the weather I wasn't able to wear workout pants and had to resort to my jeans. The belt lets you extend the button part of your jeans so that helps.  It's not as comfy as my workout pants though. :)
Package in background...hehe! Carmen is "helping" with her pasta.

These past couple weeks: I feel so pregnant already!  I've been having a lot of round ligament pain/cramps which aren't fun.  They make me very uncomfortable most the day.  I'm exhausted and had been waiting for my 2nd trimester boost I got with my first pregnancy but that isn't happening.  Between the lack of sleep and taking care of Carmen, most days I'm just waiting until I can lay down!
Doctor's Visit:  My last apt was Oct 26th and I talked to my doctor about what I've been feeling and she said it's all normal to feel this way so early.  She also said not to expect the boost this time as I'm still taking care of a toddler and working full time.  I'm not getting as much rest as I did the first time...boy is that true!  I did feel better when she grabbed my belly and moved it a bit and proved to me that the pains I've been feeling are the ligaments.  I know it's silly but that just made me feel a lot better.  I'm not worried about the cramps now...they still are uncomfortable and sometimes my belly is just sore but I'm finally feeling like I'm gaining control of my emotions...that is today...but during my apt last week I was on the verge of tears and I'm sure she noticed.  I felt like a crazy person with no control of her emotions last week!  There has been a lot of emotional things going on with family so adding my pregnancy hormones and I could cry at the drop of a hat.  I got to hear the heartbeat and the baby is doing great!!  Strong heartbeat between 140-150 and she assured me that we are doing great. :)
Next Doctor's Visit: Next apt is Nov 16th and it's the anatomy ultrasound!  I can't wait!  Special K with be with me for the ultrasound and I just can't wait to know boy or girl!  Also can't wait to see the baby again!
Overall, I just feel so pregnant!  I just recall last pregnancy getting to the 2nd trimester and feeling so good I didn't feel pregnant anymore and then later in the 2nd trimester feeling the way I do now.  I'm already a bit concerned about back pain so I've been looking for belly support and I think I found what I want!  The BLANQI maternity underbust high performance belly support tank is a bit out of my price range but I tweeted them and they hinted that there will be a black Friday sale so hopefully the sales is within my budget because I REALLY want one!  I'm super exited that I'm feeling the baby and I think that along with getting to talk to my favorite doctor has finally gotten me a little better emotionally this pregnancy.  Thankfully becuase I was starting to think I was going crazy.  Still been focusing on positivity and prayer as they bring me comfort. :)

Thanks for reading another baby bump update!!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Love it. Can't wait to hear the gender of #2. It tickles me to see Carmen helping in the kitchen.

  2. I am SO behind in blog land, CONGRATS!!


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