Friday, November 9, 2012

Thankful Fridays: chocolate, family, friends.

So much has happened since I last posted, that I didn't have anytime to update this space.  I have a lot of catching up to do but as I'm a little overwhelmed where to start...I'm just going to skip most of it and go with a quick top ten things I'm thankful for this week.

1. My husband...who is my shoulder to cry on, my rock, my best friend, my babies' daddy, and so much more.
2. My daughter...whose smile, laughter, hugs, and kisses are what life is about.
 3. The baby in my belly...getting to feel you move makes my heart full.  It's amazing how much you can love someone you haven't met yet and have never seen.

4. My family...whose support I'm not sure how I could ever survive without. 

5. My husband's family...which most of his father's side I met this week for the first time, as we all traveled up to WV to celebrate the life of my husband's grandfather.  There is so much I could say about Carmen's Big Papa, who passed on Halloween but I feel like this isn't the place to share it.  The weekend was very emotional and was sacred.  Just know that he was a wonderful man, who was loved by many and touched so many people's lives.  As sad of a time it was, the family togetherness was cherished, important time.  It was wonderful to meet those I hadn't met and to see again those I had.  Hoping next time is under better circumstances.

6. That my baby girl is on the mend.  We got back from up north and she quickly got very sick.  Long story short, she had trouble breathing and have been giving her breathing treatments to help her.  She's doing better and has spent the last 2 days being pampered with a great comforter.

7. This person I mentioned(I know she is a private person so I will leave it at that), who I am so thankful is in our lives and was able to be there during CGR's apt when we had to wait for her oxygen levels to go up and they talked about admitting her.  And who has taken care of her the last 2 days.

8. My friend Lish, who's company at breakfast this past weekend was just what I needed.  Wish we lived closer and got to knit together more often.

9. Chocolate...silly I know but oh how I have caught up the last couple days on eating very little chocolate for Halloween.

10. Matching with friends...another silly one but I love this game and thankful for it's distraction and entertainment.  If you are playing, start a game with me...barknknit!

Hope you are having a good week.

Happy Thankful Fridays!!!

What are a couple things you are thankful for this week?


  1. I'm sorry for your loss and Carmen's scary sick time. I hope this week has far more positive than negative for you.

  2. Ah! I made the list! You are certainly a pleasure and I wish we lived closer too! I say we start hosting virtual knitting groups via google +!!!

    1. -Lish...I don't know why I couldn't add my name to the previous post?!

  3. It's strange why it's so difficult. It could be bc I'm on my iPad when I read your blog I'm crazy busy too. Lets gets through the holidays and plan an official virtual knitting session! -Lish

  4. Breathing difficulties is scary to watch especially when it's your baby. One of mine had to go into a croup tent in the hospital...but that was 9 years ago now...and I don't think about it much unless someone mention Oxygen levels and then the memories still rush back.

    Sorry for your loss of family. That's always difficult.

    But the best part....I LOVE your skeleton belly shirt. That's just awesome. Wish I had had one of those.

  5. What a great list of things/people to be thankful for! So glad your daughter is feeling better! We are close in our pregnancy's, I am 18 weeks this week. How fun! It is amazing how much the baby feels like part of the family already and it's not even here yet :)

    Hope you had a great week! Thanks for linking up last week!


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