Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Love: trains, horsies, goats, and more!

What a great weekend!  I felt like the weekend went by too fast but that is usually how it goes when you're having fun.  This weekend was a great distraction from all the crazy going on in our lives.  I got to nap both days, the weather was fantastic, and we did a lot of fun fall activities.  This is going to be picture heavy so bear with me. :)

Saturday, Carmen and I went to a fall festival at the school my sister CZbrats teaches at.  We had a great time and it was her first time getting painted on.  She loved getting bats on her arms!  It was so cute!
She enjoyed playing the games but wasn't sure how she felt about the bounce house.  I sneaked her in when it was empty and she was done about 3 minutes after she got inside.  I don't think she likes the instability of it.  Sounds like her momma. :)
My sisters also won some pumpkins in the pumpkin auction and Carmen really liked them!
After lunch with the family, Carmen and I napped.  It was a great nap since she had woken up at 6 am Saturday morning...way too early for this preggo who has trouble sleeping.  After our naps, she spent the evening with her Aunt Fleas and family, while daddy and I went out to dinner, drinks(water for me), and listened to music with her Papa and his girlfriend.  We had a great dinner out and it was a nice change from going to sleep early on weekends :)

Sunday was so busy!!  It started with the three plus belly baby heading to a horse farm up in Oldsmar called HorsePower for Kids.  Some fellow Mommy and me group friends had told me we should check it out.  It was about a 40 minute drive and by the time we were almost there little miss Carmen was ready to get out but it was SO worth the drive!  Carmen loves animals and this place was full of them!  She loved petting the llama with her daddy,
 Her daddy was so funny with the llama because the llama's teeth felt funny when he fed him out of his hands.  This is my favorite picture of him because of the happy look on his face! :)
And petting/kissing the goats...oh did she love the goats! These pictures say it all! :)

We also saw some 5 week old little piggies that were chasing their mommy down for some milk.  They were the cutest things!

Her other favorite was the train!  This is her 2nd time riding a train and oh did she just love it!  She was not happy when we had to get off the first time but she got to ride it again with her daddy and she had so much fun both times!  There was another kind of cow train ride but adults couldn't get on them and I just wasn't sure how she would do but next year we are going to have to try that one too!
And another HUGE favorite was the pony ride!  She absolutely loved riding the pony!  She held on great and she wanted to get right back on when we got off but there was a line so we went off to get her face painted and have lunch.
She was passed out about 10 minutes into the drive home and took a nice long nap so mommy could nap when we got home.

After nap and dinner, we carved pumpkins with the cousins across the street!  She had so much fun but after her busy day...she was done early and then mommy finished up without her.

Well...that's our weekend!  It was such a great pre-Halloween weekend!  We didn't make it to the pumpkin patch this year but that's ok.  We have her costume all ready to go for Wednesday and I will make sure to get lots of pictures to share...not that I think we could possibly top last years Halloween costume and more pics at the bottom of this post! :)

Happy FALL and Halloween week!!  For all those in the line of the hurricane, please stay safe!

How was your weekend?  Did you do any fun fall activities?

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  1. Looks like fun! I don't like to be painted upon, but I do like the bounce house... or did, when my back could tolerate it.


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