Friday, November 16, 2012

Thankful Fridays: health, ultrasounds, and food

Another week with no posts!  Been a crazy, busy, fast week! I promise at least a knitting post and a baby update next week before Thankful Thursday comes...since it's Thanksgiving! :)

I am Thankful ...

1. for CGR finally feeling better!!  She's not completely there but this week has been a struggle and watching her in pain just breaks my heart!  I'm so glad she's on the mend!  We had her seen today and they confirmed that her diaper rash/yeast is clearing up and that her oxygen levels are above normal which is fantastic!  We have a new ointment to try which should ease her discomfort but I am so thankful for her finally getting better!

2. for the sonogram lady, who was able to get some great shots of our baby GIRL!!  YES...we are having another girl!  I'm very excited for CGR to have a little sister!  I love having sisters and a brother too...but I love having sister and am glad that she will have one!

3. for my baby GIRL in my belly...I am thankful that you are you and that I get to feel you grow in my belly.  I have loved feeling daily kicks and reminders that you are in there growing big and strong and healthy!  Keep it up little girl!  We can't wait to meet you...but not until April! Stay put and keep growing!

4. for the power of blocking! I was so distressed over my Calligraphy Cardigan last week(was accidentally thrown in washer and dryer and shrunk while we were out of town) and so thankful that with a serious blocking session...which included an hour soak and randomly stretching the cardigan while wet and while drying...returned it back to a well fit cardigan and my daily hug!

5. for Publix.  Their chicken salad, egg salad, and baked potato salad have hit the spot on several occasions this week! 

6. for my little families' health.  I'm thankful that with all the sickness in our house that my husband has managed to stay healthy and while I did get congested I have managed to avoid getting any real sickness.  Also that our baby is healthy, measuring great, has 5 fingers, 5 toes, and is growing every day.

7. for full panel maternity jeans.  How did I not discover these last pregnancy?  My sister found some at a yard sale last weekend for $2 and I LOVE THEM!  They not only sort of hide my protruding belly button but they are SO comfortable!  I was thinking about it and I think the reason why I didn't try them last pregnancy was because I shopped for maternity clothes in the heat of the summer and I couldn't imagine ANOTHER layer on my already hot belly.

8. for my daycare lady.  She is wonderful with CGR and all the other kids.  I know that CGR is well taken care of and not only does the daycare lady love her but CGR loves her too.

9. for my knitting group.  It was a nice escape this week to spend an evening around other women all knitting and enjoying each others company.

10. for my family...just because I'm not sure what I would do without them!  It takes a village!  And very excited for those out of towners to show up!!

Happy Friday!!

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. Yay! I'm happy you're happy, and Special K and Carmen look happy too. Hi Baby Girl #2!

  2. A sister for your baby girl HOW WONDERFUL!


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