Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Series of Thoughts: Maria's Birth Story Part 3

We left off here...a while ago. Now let's finish up this birth story. We are going to end with less detail but lots of pictures!

So, there I was waiting for my epidural to come and feeling pretty loopy.  I could still feel the contractions but the edge had been knocked off.  When the anesthesiologist finally came in, I was happy to see him.  My sister and husband had to leave the room while they placed the epidural but my nurse was great company.

After the epidural was in place, I was feeling pretty good.  I was able to rest but I knew this time was going to move faster.  She at this point broke my water and that got the contractions to speed up but at least I didn't feel anymore pain.  We all tried to rest as we waited for the time to come.

That time didn't take long to come and by early morning I was already feeling ready to push.  We called the nurse in because I wanted the doctor to start heading this way...I could feel that need to push coming and I didn't want her to miss it.  The nurse as I said was fantastic and she got me ready to go.  The doctor showed up JUST in time as I had already been feeling the need to push when she waked in and from experience I knew that I am an efficient pusher and that it wouldn't take long.  The nurse kept telling me to try some practice pushes but I told her we should hold off.  Once I finally did, she was shocked how right I was.  The doctor showed up, Special K and Fleasbyte got in their positions to help me and a couple pushes later out came Maria Anne!

She was perfect with all her little toes and fingers and such a beautiful face!  I got to hold her for a while and then she had to get cleaned up.  Even right after she was born, she was a confirmed daddy's she was fussing on the table until daddy put his hand on her and she calmed right down.  LOVE this picture!

I actually remembered this time to get a picture of Dr. T! She deliever both our babies and she is my favorite at the practice. I prayed the whole time I was pregnant with both of my girls that she would be on call when I went into labor! THANKfully it worked!
Our first picture with our babiest!
The best nurse ever!!!  I couldn't have been in better care than this woman!  She was a traveling nurse and not sure where in the world she is now but I'm so glad she was here when I delivered! She was amazing!!
Daddy and his babies girl!  Love them!
And then here are some more pictures from our hospital stay...

Carmen meeting her new sister for the first time.  She was instantly in love! 
Hope you enjoyed my birth story. I know this last one was rushed but life got in my way of blogging and I wanted to get this up before she is a year old!

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