Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wedding Wednesday! I missed last weeks Wedding Wednesday post..I also missed telling you guys on Nov 20th that I have one more month left. I can't believe I've been so busy. People kept telling me that I'd be this way but it's surprised me. So...I'll try to keep posting and keep you guys up to date on what's going on!

Well, wedding stuff....we've ordered the cups that we are giving out as favors from my cousin. My sister designed them and it's again awesome!! I can't wait to see them. I bought the centerpieces and candles. I've also got my bridesmaid gifts. I had to return one but let me tell you...the company was AMAZING!! Can't tell you what I got them yet. We've ordered the camera's to put on the tables, the cake knife set, and the sand ceremony vases and sand. I've finish my Aunt's Clapotis and blocked it. It came out awesome and I am sorry for no pictures!! I finally blocked my wedding shawl and if it was possible I love it even more now. :)

I've been thinking about what I want to knit that week and since I'll be busy but will want something on my needles that I can grab. I think I'm going to cast on some socks, probably in plain ribbing or a simple pattern using my Cubby Bear yarn. :) I must say thank you again (Not so) Cynical Gal for this awesome gift!

Cubby Bear Yarn

It's DK weight so they'll be fast and easy. Any suggestions on a pattern that would look good. I think this yarn will probably pool. I figured since it's a Cubs themed wedding I need to knit me some Cubby socks. :)

I'll try to snap some pictures of my wedding shawl and the finish clapotis. I've been doing a lot of cleaning lately and last night I baked some pumpkin cheese cakes for tomorrows meals.

For Thanksgiving, I am starting the day doing the turkey trot with my sisters and nieces. I hope Special K will bake the cherry pies while I'm gone. Then we have one meal with my sister's at 1pm....and then on to the next at SK's step-mom's sister's house at 3pm. Then we are heading back to my sister's to play games.

It's crazy to think a year ago tomorrow, we were in Ohio and Special K proposed. I have to admit I watched the video yesterday and today. I can't believe everyone knew but I had NO idea. I wish we were up there this year for thanksgiving but with the wedding we can't. We plan to be up there for next Christmas though.

Well...there's an update!! I'll hopefully get a post in this weekend and if I can record a podcast..but no promising! :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dogs on Thursday!

Hey, check me out! I'm on time!!! :) YEAH!! So...for today's DOT post I just wanted to share some other posts and things going on.

First off, if you are not already reading this should! A Place to Bark is a dog rescue in Tennessee and she is wonderful!! Right now there is a live Auction going on to benefit the rescue so PLEASE go over and check it out and donate if you can. Proceeds go to a great cause!!! Bernie is really nice too and I would love to be able to do what she does! If you can't donate, please go over and say hi and check out her blog!!

Second, Nichole from lapdogcreations has a great review today!! I love it!! I think Jackjack and Abigail need one of those... heheheh ;)

Well...hope everyone is doing well. I have no new pictures but I do have a quick doggie story.

Remember the post I did about the Kongs missing? Well...we found one of them in the backyard...the smaller puppy style Kong I got Abby to get her started using them....and let me tell you it was DISGUSTING!!! There was MOLD and gross stuff. We tried to save it but no Special K threw it out. I looked again in the backyard and all over the house for the 2nd red one and no luck. So, I resigned to picking up a new one last night at Pestmart. I found a good Black one, which was cheaper than the XL red one, so I got Jackjack new one. We are thinking we need to have them not only because they LOVE them. But because we are going to be having guests and wedding craziness soon and I'm sure that they will come in handy in keeping them busy and content.

I think I need to find some new recipes to add to them....and keep them suprised! Peanut Butter is my go to stuffer but need to get some other stuff too.

The training has helped them both with not only wanting to do more and more but to remember what they know. :) I just need to keep it up. 15 minutes once or twice a day helps. We already have the meal time routine down. They sit stay and I have the kitchen to roam and prepare the meals and set them down and then they can go grab them. :) We do a lot of sits, waits, and stays throughout our day. I'm working on the Come when called and the heeling out back and in front. That's a quick training update!

Well..hope everyone is good...and Have a Barkin good day!

Friday, November 14, 2008

DOT on Friday!

We had a visitor last friday night. A cute puppy visitor!! Her name is Lucy and she's a yorkie. She is Special K's dad's doggie. My dogs did so well with her. She's met them plenty but it was nice to have her over as a test run for our future puppy! I can't wait until he finds us. :) So..I took some video of her while she was here.'s not the best video but it works. :)

She's so darn cute!! We found a Dorkie the other day...a dachshund/yorkie and he's adorable but SK doesn't want us to get a dog until after the wedding. It's our agreement. Here's a cute picture of where Lucy started out the night.

I have a feeling someone is going to spoil our puppy! :)

Well...I hope everyone is well. I've been super busy and yes, I missed the wedding wednesday post as well....I'll try to post another post today to make up for it! :)

Have a Happy Friday!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thankful Tuesday!

My dad is heading back to Panama today. I will miss him. I got to spend a lot of time with him while he was here and he got to spend a lot of time with my dogs. :) I think my pups are going to miss him a lot. Today I am thankful that my father got to come up to St. Pete and go to two World Series games and to help me with wedding planning. I will be anxious for him to be back in a little over a month for the big day! :) As Special K's boss liked to point out is that we only have 5 weekends left. WOW!! Ok...I'll keep the wedding talk for wednesday!

Well...things are good. I finished my Aunt's clapotis and finished spinning up some yarn. No pic of the Clapotis but here is my finished yarn!!

I'm so happy with it. It's a BFL fiber and a 2 ply yarn! 145 yards of it. The most I've spun. My spindle rocks but I can't wait until I get my wheel!

Also, Saturday Special K, his dad, his step-mom, and friend J were in a King Fish Tournament and they caught a bunch of fish and had a great day. Their team name is Rush Hour and they even have shirts. :) Check out the catch.

They also weighed in a fish. They didn't win anything but it was cool to see them weigh it in. Special K was the one who caught it!
He's so handsome up there!! :) We have fish in the freezer and that what makes me happy! Well..hope everyone is doing well.

Happy Thankful Tuesday!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Dogs on Thursday! on friday! :)

Hope everyone is well! I've still been pretty busy with work and my dad in town. My dad has been borrowing my car the last couple days and he's been going by my house and hanging out with Jackjack and Abigail! I don't know who has enjoyed it dad or the dogs! :) I'm just glad that they are getting some bonding time. He's here until the 11th, so I'll probably keep loaning him my car, just so he can go over and hang out with them. It's been so great hanging out with him and I'm so glad that he's been here. I'm going to miss him when he leaves.

My dogs and I have also started upping our training...Yes, ours. Training dogs is a two way streak. I decided since we are thinking of adding to our pack I need to get these two guys walking good on a leash and getting more of their attention in the great outdoors. So, the last couple nights we've been heading out to the front of the house and working in the street. I take each one individually with loads of treats and we work on walking good on a leash and looking at me. They both are doing great!! My goal is to be able to walk them individually on loose leashes and then some day get them to do it together. Hopefully sooner than later but one small step at a time. I'm also looking to get them back into obedience because I think it will do them both good. Special K says Jackjack at 5 is too old but I think he's not and would love it. He loves to train. So, we'll see what happens. We'd need to have some extra money for it so like most things it's going to have to wait until after Dec. :)

Well...all this work has tired them out! Check out this pictures! I wish I had taken video of Jackjack trying to decide where to lay down. He doesn't like to lay too close to Abby. She will lay down close to him but he normally choses not to. He loves the couch though. So, Abby was laying there and he came over and looked at the couch and you could see him contemplating. Then he walked over to the dog bed and looked at it and stepped on it and then got off and walked back over to the couch and stood on it and turned around and then decided to try the dog bed again and then finally decided that the couch would be worth it. So, then curled up next to Abby. :) I had to take a picture. By the way, this all is happening now because we were given a coffee table and got rid of Jackjack's loveseat. Poor Guy.

My puppies are so adorable! :) Well..I hope you are having a wonderful friday and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wedding Wednesday! I guess I owe you all an update. :) Loads of stuff has been getting done. We'll start with my day with my Dad on Friday. I picked him up pretty early and we stopped for some coffee and a snack and headed to see the reception site and meet with my photographer friend. We spent a while talking with the photographer and the club guy about the ceremony and reception. I saw where the girls and I can get ready prior to the ceremony and wrote down how many tables and chairs were available. I also found out when exactly we have access to the site. Was very informative and I'm glad my dad liked where we picked. The beach is beautiful.

Our next stop was to rent chairs and a runner for the ceremony. We picked white chairs and a red 50 ft runner. I need to call them and rent tablecloths as well. Then we stopped by Michael's and found some cute wooden baseballs and bats to add to the center peices and scoped out the vases for them as well. Then we headed to lunch. After a sandwich and some soup, we stopped to check out rings at the place Special K bought mine. They no longer sell the matching ring and the one that was close maybe more than we budgeted for so I'm probably going to just get a plain platinum band. Special K is making his own ring since he works at a machine shop.

We then headed to Walmart to pick up Halloween candy because we, of course, needed more for that nights fun!! Then we stopped at the pet food store and then another shop and home. I think we got a lot done and especially got to talk about details and get me thinking on more stuff I needed to do.

Saturday, I got my dress altered and I honestly forgot how beautiful my dress is. I had not seen it since January and I just love it!! I'm so glad I got it. The lady who is altering it is great too. She was super friendly and talented. She's been altering and making gowns for 37 years. I think my dress is in good hands. :) I'm going back for my 2nd fitting and for my sister's to learn how to bussel my dress on Dec 6th. She's then going to press it and I'll pick it up the week of the wedding. I can't wait to see it all done!

Since then, we've picked the cups we are getting printed for the wedding. I've called the caterer and florist to verify information. I'm getting a haircut this weekend and then my test hair is on the 22nd. That will be fun!! Next weekend is my bridal shower, which we are keeping really small and have only invited in town guests. My sister Fleas is the main planner. I'm thinking now I probably should invite Special K's mom and sister, even though I'm sure they couldn't make it but I'd like them to see the invite. Again the invite was made by my sister! She's awesome isn't she!! She's designing the cup graphic and the program too!! I owe her a ton!!!

We've also been talking about our bachelorette/bachelor parties and when would be the best time. I think we are going to both have them the Saturday before the wedding because that way we have time to recover as Special K says. :) I'm sure he will need more recovery time than I.

So...all in all we've been getting a lot done and I'm feeling better. Still getting stressed here and there but that's bound to happen. I think Special K would only wish that I didn't have to wake him up at 4am when I'm stressing out...which seems to be the time when I wake up in a panic about things. I am excited about marrying Special K...the stress is the wedding planning! :)

Knitting news, I'm almost done with my aunts clapotis! Hopefully I can finish tonight!

Have a great HUMP day!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day!!

So, I woke up early this morning and took a shower and was out the door by 6:40. I got in line at the voting place in my neighborhood at 6:45. AT 7:25 I was at the front of the find out that I wasn't at the right place......I am still registered to vote at my sister's address. So, I quickly got out of line and headed over to the other location, which my sister, her husband, and my cousin where in line...I mean at the front of the line!! My brother-in-law refused to let me cut in line so I got in line and waiting. I wasn't done voting until 8:20...but oh well. I did get to knit while waiting so it was ok. Also, their was a stray cat, who kept us all very entertained!! :)

Here's a pic of my knitting in line. I wasn't sure anyone wanted to take my picture or have me take theirs so it's all I got. :) I'm on the decreases of my aunts clapotis!! I can't wait to finish!!

Knitting at the polls. :)

I'm glad it's out of the way but the waiting all day to find out who won is not fun!!

Tonight, Special K and I have invited our dad's to dinner. My dad is still in town and I'll tell you all about our Friday on Wedding Wednesday! I have so much to talk about!! but for now I'll just say that we had fun! We were going to cook dinner but our house isn't very conducive of having people over. We have no dinning area and it's too dark to eat outside. So, we've decided to go out to dinner. His dad and his step-mom are coming along with my dad. Should be interesting because his father was "real mature" this weekend and Special K isn't really happy with him. I'm sure they will be fine with my dad there.

I really wish that Special K's mom was here because I can't wait for them to meet. I am a huge fan of his mom!! I miss her and can't wait for her to get here for the wedding.

Well...hope everyone has a great day! I've been super busy but am trying to get a post in here and there. After Friday, I'm feeling that there is a bunch more I need to get done! Breathing and knitting is keeping me sane. hehehe

Happy Election Day!! God has a plan!